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About LPLS

LPLS was founded by a group of language, logistics and military veterans to fulfill one mission -- to raise the bar and set new standards for clients who require language services. Our philosophy is simple; we hire the best people, deliver the best work and we do it at a fair and competitive price. Our family is comprised of ethnically diverse and culturally aware seasoned professionals in the fields of language services and training, recruiting, intelligence, security, logistics, information technology, government relations and military operations.

What sets LPLS apart from the competition is that we understand the nature of the work from multiple perspectives. We understand our client’s needs because collectively our staff comes from and has worked in all the roles that shape this industry. We understand the military because we are military veterans. We understand logistics because we are logistics experts, and we understand linguists because we are linguists too.

We are team players with a focus on forming long-term strategic partnerships that will provide individuals, corporations and the U.S. Government with foreign language interpretation and translations services of the highest quality. LPLS knows what it takes to support our customers worldwide, and our hand-picked veteran linguists stand ready to deliver.

As our client, your goals are our goals; as our employee your needs are our needs. We have walked a mile in both our clients’ and employees’ shoes and therefore we know what it takes to build relationships, deliver on commitments and create the best possible work environment. We at LPLS invite you to experience the rewards of working with a team that will settle for nothing less than the best in everything we do.


  • Integrity: We take pride in everything that is fair, honest and knowledgeable and build trust in every situation
  • Competence: We thirst for knowledge and self-improvement and demonstrate the skills needed to accomplish a chosen task
  • Teamwork: We cooperate and work together for the common good of the people we serve and the organization's mission
  • Excellence: We strive for quality in everything we do.
  • Results: To be known for follow-through and responsiveness to customer's needs and achieve agreed-upon outcomes.


  • To be the "go-to" partner when it comes to language translation and interpretation services when only the best will do.

Our Mission

Our linguists will deliver... whether it is with a special-forces team on the front lines, a humanitarian team in a desolate location or translating complex technical or medical documents, we will find you the right linguist for the job.

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